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The area is quite popular with Asian visitors and adventurous Westerners as an alternative to Phuket and other Thai islands.

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And there are full-size supermarkets selling everything you need at decent prices where you pay in USDs.Or you could visit Montevideo and Colonia del Sacramento, or one of the beach resorts, or one of the cattle ranches.

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San Juan is a fun and very interesting town, and the Old San Juan district is as gorgeous as it is historic.

But if you wanted to stay at an all-inclusive you could do that and still go into town in the evenings or whenever you liked.We were thinking about Cape Verde, what are your thoughts about this place.My girlfriend and I were planning on traveling to the Caribbean.The place I would normally suggest for this is San Juan, Puerto Rico, and that still might work.

My top suggestion for something like you describe is San Juan, Puerto Rico.As you might have seen already, my choice for a longer stay in a Caribbean beach area that also has great access to culture is the Condado neighborhood in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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If you really want to go beyond Mexico then Costa Rica is probably your best bet.If you are starting in North America then the obvious choice would be Orlando.I also recommend Cartagena fairly often, and the cities do have many similarities, including really wonderful historic Old Town districts.A couple years ago I went to Cartagena, which evidently has always been safe, and I was very impressed.The largest city on the island is Phuket Town, and there is nothing much to see there either.The snorkeling is excellent since the second largest coral reef system in the world is just off shore.

So overall, although I mentioned PR and Colombia, im looking for any suggestions in the general area.Those will be peak season dates, of course, but they have dozens of large resorts there and it will be your best value overall.

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It is similar in many ways, but it would be more challenging to meet people if you only know restaurant Spanish.The first one was best Europe destinations in February, it the December list will be quite similar when I publish it in a few months.Many of the others in Asia on the list are more geared for families or couples.If you are closer to the Caribbean coast then the greater Cancun area is the best choice.

Best Christmas Songs Playlist 2018 - Christmas songs of all time - Top Xmas Holidays Wish you happy listening to music.Another thing to consider would be an all-inclusive resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica, or in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.Hotel prices will be lower and crowds will be smaller, so putting up with a bit of cold can be worthwhile.My other favorite on the east side is Playa del Carmen, which is just south of Cancun.Patong Beach is the largest beach town by far, and it has a fancy shopping mall plus hundreds of other little shops and restaurants and bars.VERY open minded in terms of location- we have done Mexico and Bahamas multiple times but are looking into Chile, Spanish islands, Costa Rica, Cabo, etc.I actually really like PV and PdC as towns quite a bit, so if you were close to either of those it could be a bonus for at least a little trip or two.I would love to travel somewhere warm, in Late December, early January.

I want to leave on December 28 or 29 2017 and return on Jan 5 2018.The best Christmas gifts are. poor excuses for the true Christmas holiday gift ideas. subscribe to special offers and deals.Young active backing adventure with culture while sipping on some beers kind of new years.And Puerta Vallarta is only a bit farther and should also be very safe and nice.Experience exceptional singles travel trips, cruises and vacations around the world to the best destinations with like-minded travelers.We are looking for beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and natural beauty.I actually spent a Christmas Eve there about 12 years ago and it was a lot of fun, and almost everything is open.If you go to the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area it will usually be even warmer, but also more expensive and there are far fewer top activities.

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The Colombian drug wars have been over for close to a decade and now people seem to agree that even Bogota and Medellin are as safe as any other larger city.After much thought i have selected 2 locations SHARM EL-SHEIKH Egypt or Cape Town or Durban in South Africa, now need your advice on the following.

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That way we could use a main destination as sort of a home base and branch out during the two weeks of vacation.And of course they have more amusement parks and such than anywhere else in the world.Visit Crystal Ski for the latest information, deals and prices.

Hua Hin is an example of a low-key beach town with enough English language expats living there that it is easy to do what you like.My favorite neighborhood is Condado, which is right next to the Colonial town so you have easy access to both.Fly into Bangkok for a few days and stay in the famous Khao San Road area, which is the backpacker district and a nonstop party.

You could even go to one of the quieter beach areas on Phuket, although those smaller islands are more scenic and will have more to do.We are 2 adults and a boy of 12. want to go on 10 days holidays starting from last week of dec till 1st week of jan. we love be beaches and shopping.Better still, San Juan has excellent sandy beaches right in and near the city center, which is surprisingly rare in the Caribbean, especially in a city.We are sort of tired of Mexico (we live in CA) and Costa Rica seems like it might feel like a Mexico repeat.Fantastic savings and exclusive offers on Barbados holidays with letsgo2, destination specialists for over 40 years.I assumed since it was a university area that English would be pretty widely spoken, but I was totally wrong.

We are starting in western Canada, and looking for someplace hot, thats relatively easy to reach(due to the baby).We are pretty adventurous so we are willing to stay in not so touristy areas.

If you can afford to go to Hawaii then that one is hard to beat.Since you mention wanting to explore, I am once again going to suggest a few familiar places.

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If you speak some Spanish you should be okay pretty much anywhere.

They have great beaches right in the city, including in the Condado district, which is right next to the gorgeous Old San Juan colonial area.Oh Roger and I forgot to mention but we are also open to the pacific side of the americas around that same Caribbean latitude.The beaches in San Juan are also some of the best in the Caribbean.In Thailand the locals wear shorts and lighter clothing, so tourists blend in better in that regard.We want somewhere warm and somewhat local- we love renting houses as opposed to hotels but are willing to do a hotel.

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